About Me

I am a writer.

You know, it's kind of funny how that little sentence can say so much.  ("Oh, he's a writer?  That explains a lot...")  For me, it means that I live in a rich world of words where alliteration doesn't go unnoticed.  (See what I did there?)  It means that I live to hear the sound of keys clicking in just the right sequence.  It means that I'm drawn into such fascinating topics as:  the human condition, social connectivity, pop culture and current events.

It also means I'm not particularly great at math.

Some have found it to mean that I'm kind of funny.  Others take away the fact that I'm the still water that runs deep.  (For the benefit of those who don't know me in real life:  I have a relatively quiet exterior that gives absolutely no indication of all the action taking place inside.)

I write and am pretty good at it.  (But I'm constantly working on getting gooder!)

And I'm going to keep writing this section because A) it isn't done yet and B) I'm a perfectionist and not entirely happy with it.  (Not now, though, because I'm quite tired.)