Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Want to Win Me Some Cookies!!! (And so should you.)

Pre-pre-post note: I love the term -- that I probably invented -- "pre-post" because it seems like it should be a contradiction (pre-op and post-op are WAY different... ask any patient), but it makes complete sense -- to me, at least, which is important -- in a blogging context. It's what happens prior to the actual post, the meat and potatoes of what I feel the need to ramble about.

Pre-post note: Okay, the other day I ended my post with a disclaimer that "the next one will probably be better." Well, you know how they say that the best way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans? I might have actually made mention of my plans and now they've changed. I'm still working on the other post, but there is a pressing matter that needs to be addressed...

I want to win me some cookies.

So I'm addressing the pressing matter in this post, which isn't the other one, the one you haven't read yet because it's not ready, but might very well be in the near future. Um, so anyhow...

One of your fellow Ducks readers is having a contest at her blog. Now, I don't "pimp" just any blog or contest that comes up. I mean, there are literally trillions of blogs out there, and literally quadrillions of people who don't know how to accurately use the word "literally."

(Note: There was a fantastic post at Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares about this topic. I'd recommend checking it out. I also recommend such things as: dancing in the rain, breathing and sending me lots and lots of money.) (Uh, I don't have time to find the actual post... but I did look at least a little bit for it.)

What is this pimp-worthy blog?, you are (probably) asking.

(Note: I think we should move to enter "pimp-worthy" into the common vernacular. Who's with me? *sounds of crickets chirping, as a lonely tumbleweed rolls by* And why is there a tumbleweed rolling through this office? Get me the facilities guy STAT!!)

Anyway, Karen G., resident blogger over at
Coming Down the Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published Author is having a contest (that link will take you to the post with the contest on it). I will give you three guesses what the prize might be...

Nope, not jam. Try again.

No, not a giraffe. That would be kind of cool, except for figuring out where to put the darn thing. (Also, if you have a dog or cats or mongooses -- mongeese? -- the other pets might get jealous of the fact that your newly-won giraffe can eat all the leaves that are really high up.)

Definitely not Walter Mondale.

*sigh* Fine, I'll just tell you: Karen is giving away a dozen gourmet cookies that she makes fresh!! (Waaaay better than winning Walter Mondale.)

(Note to Wally M.: I assume you are an avid Ducks reader, so I should probably clarify that I mean no offense. You're probably a decent fellow and all -- uh, assuming you are still alive, which I didn't fact check -- but cookies is a better prize. I mean, I think I'm an alright guy -- generally kind-hearted, sort of bright, fantastic ability to ramble -- but I openly concede the fact that cookies are a way better prize than I'd be. So please, Wally, don't take offense. We still cool? Good. Peace.)

If you'll kindly take note, these are not just a package of Oreos or Chips Ahoy or what-have-you. These are gourmet. We're talking the real deal here, folks. As such, I simply must recommend that you stop by (link found
here) and enter the contest... even though it means more competition for me. (See, I told you I was generally kind-hearted.).

As you shall see, you receive one entry for being a follower (check!), one for leaving a comment (check!), one for posting about the contest (check!), one for Facebook posting or Tweeting the contest ("check!" coming soon), and one for adding up how many points you have ("check!" coming soon).

So you can earn up to five chances to win some deliciousness and how often does that happen in life?

Literally “never.”

Editor’s note: It is not often that our fearless writer finds himself needing to use the plural form of “mongoose.” Just thought that should be noted.


  1. Thank you for the link love! Even if it might mean one less chance for you to win the delicious cookies. (Actually I have to go make some right now for delivery tomorrow and I'm obviously procrastinating-- see I CAN procrastinate other things besides writing.)

  2. You ever watch Tiny Toons? Eh probably not. On this cartoon series was a character named Gogo Dodo. He lived in a Dali-warped world called Wackyland.

    This twisted dream land is how I envision your brain.

    While you're pimping a blog in an effort to get cookies, you've strung a Just-Try-Me-God, a giraffe, some mongooses, a Former Vice President, and some perfectly acceptable cookie companies in to a post that kept me laughing the whole way.

    Kudos to the Ducks and their Dodo. Though I'm surprised Beiber Fever wasn't tucked in someone's pocket along the way.

  3. Dorn, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. (Yep, I used to watch Tiny Toons back in the day...)

    Furthermore, I can't wait to point out your comment to my wife, because she will whole-heartedly agree... assuming she used to watch Tiny Toons, which I don't know if she did because it's never really come up in conversation before. (Or it might have and I just don't remember, which is entirely plausible.)

    Admittedly, I also agree. My mind is usually -- Warning: Understatement ahead! -- quite a bit all over the place. Makes for an interesting trip through this crazy thing called "life," though. :)

  4. Mongoosles. Meengoose. Mongoosii.
    I think you got it right.
    Very entertaining post, you totally make me laugh!

  5. I too am a fan of mongooses - and perhaps I should attempt to use that word today.

    :) Thanks for your comments - I left a little blurb for ya
    P.S - any update on Beibers pregnancy ;P

  6. "Wackyland" is a good description of the land that my loving husband lives in, for sure! It's a good thing his boring, stable wife is nice and grounded in that crazy thing called "reality!"

    The Wife

  7. Thanks for the shout out. Now I am torn. Because I am grateful, I feel like I shouldn't enter into the cookie contest and decrease your chances. But...I do love cookies.

  8. Honey, you sounded like you were on speed in this post! And seriously...I'm w/Missed Periods...torn between wanting cookies and your (quite obvious) passion with wanting to win said cookies.

    And now I'm wondering if Walter Mondale is still alive. But I don't think I care enough to check...since it's 9:01pm already and a Monday workday is looming.

    I've decided if I dream about cookies tonight, you're gonna have some serious competition.

  9. Mmmmm... Cookies. I lurve me some cookies.


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