Thursday, February 11, 2010

Romantic Ducks...

It's Group Blog Thursday at the Steph in the City blog and the topic deals with Valentine's Day. My awesomely awesome wife has already surprised me with an early Valentine's Day card and gifts.

Quick side note: Sometimes abbreviating things is a great idea. It can save time, avoid repeated uses of the same phrase, and probably save lives (very un-scientific research supports this!). However, if you are looking to abbreviate Valentine's Day, VD is not the way to go. My second sentence up there almost talked about how my wife "surprised me with an early VD" (and what a surprise that would be!).

Her card was very thoughtful and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside... when I'm not busy being super manly and doing guy stuff like building things and hunting other things and watching men's figure skating.

Now, my wife is an avid blog reader (well, of my blogs at least...), so I can't say anything with regard to this year's VD just yet, but I'll be sure to touch base on that after.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is that an early surprise is rather nice. The other moral is that there is nothing funny about Venereal Disease... when it happens to you, otherwise it is potentially funny.

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  1. LOL. I always call it V-Day. Over on MySpace people used to leave comments "Happy VD day," which technically wasn't correct. That would be "Happy Valentine's Day Day." I guess maybe I just don't get it! Make sure your wife knows about March 14!!! It's the holiday for men. Google "March 14 holiday."


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