Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Ugh," said the Duck in disbelief...

Yeah, I just might not be as bright as advertised (unfortunately, I don't advertise myself as being that bright to begin with...).

Note: I'm really tempted to end this post on that note and leave the millions (or dozens... on a good day) of my readers scratching their heads. Eh, perhaps I should elaborate...

Alright, the reason for the lack of brightness on my behalf has to do with not checking my pre-set settings before asking people to comment if they came here via Facebook or Twitter. My sister informed that she had tried to comment, but wasn't able to. Apparently, my settings were such that one needed to have a Google ID in order to comment.

Ugh, says the author while smacking his forehead with an open palm.

Well, I guess I need to make up for this with some entertaining content, so be sure to come back for my next post and see what I'm going to bring to the court!!


  1. okay first where am i following? here or the other one? i did both just in case. that's what she said.

    and i did not know you could comment via facebook or twitter - or maybe i do. enlighten us

  2. Feel free to follow either/or, but this one will probably be the more interesting of the two.

    I suppose I wasn't terribly clear about it, but I posted links on both FB and Twitter and am wondering how many people end up here from which social networking service.

    What I've done, though, is implement Google Analytics and it shows how my visitors found my little neck of the woods.

    Thanks for the follow!


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