Thursday, September 23, 2010

$#*! the Ducks Guy Says

Disclaimer: This post uses the S-word a little bit. If that offends you, I'd recommend checking a different blog and coming back when it's safer (which is most posts because I rarely swear here).

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So someone asked me recently if I remember that I have a blog. (Gotta love subtlety.)

Well, let's get right into it...

Tonight is apparently the initial episode of "$#*! My Dad Says" and I'm quite conflicted. On one hand, it has William Shatner, which is a good thing in my book. On the other hand, it's a TV show based on a Twitter feed.

(Did I really just type "TV show based on a Twitter feed?" Let me check. Yes. Yes, I did.)

(The poor, proverbial little snowball in Hell suddenly has a better chance, because it must be freezing down there now.)

A TV show based on a Twitter feed?! (I apparently cannot write that enough.) Seriously?!

Well, it's actually based on the book based on the Twitter feed, but still...

Is it possible to actually develop a show based on a series of quotes? For the uninitiated, Twitter lets people post snippets of conversation or wisdom or humor, etc. I use the term "snippets" because of the 140 character count limit for Tweets. Although, if you've made it this far on the Interwebs, you probably already know Twitter's story. (And, of course, Ducks Out Of A Row readers are highly-intelligent, well-informed members of society.)

(Not-completely off-topic: My wife loves the term "Retweet" because it sounds like Tweety Bird saying "Retreat!" So this makes me picture the yellow cartoon wearing a soldier's helmet and imploring his troops to find safer ground.)

The guy behind the Twitter feed -- and I have no qualms with this, because it sounds like a fine idea for Twitter -- basically would post "shit" his dad said. Humorous enough premise for a Twitter account, but how did it go from that to a TV show? I know that unoriginality reigns supreme with regard to entertainment in this day and age -- ugh, I've officially become a curmudgeon -- but this is asinine. (Well, if I'm going "curmudgeon," I might as well go "all in.")

The premise is a gimmick that will lend itself to predictability... which is bad entertainment. (Of course, we've set the bar pretty freaking low with regard to entertainment. Am I right, the Jersey Shore cast?) How can any episode be anything other than a matter of waiting to see what kind of crazy shit William Shatner is going to say next? (This particular post is chockfull of sentences I never thought I'd write.) If that's the case -- and I'm firmly entrenched in the belief it will be -- how can this be any good?

(If you have any answers to that question, please feel free to leave them in the Comments section. Or don't, I suppose. I mean, I'm not one to tell other people what to do.)

Now, there's actually a second problem I have with this as-of-yet-unaired show: the title. If they outright called it "Shit My Dad Says," I would probably be okay with that. (The "probably" in that sentence has nothing to do with the curse word, but more on that in a second...) Instead, they make me use the secondary functions of these number keys (which I have to look at because I'm a normal person and do not have all of them memorized, except for the exclamation point... which I know is the first one) to type the show's title.

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, but I think it is incredibly annoying when the announcer in the commercials for the show reads "Bleep My Dad Says." He seriously says "Bleep," as if we are completely in the dark as to what is actually supposed to be said there. Hate to break it to CBS, but we all know what it means. I mean, what other word that "needs" to be censored makes sense there? The F-word? No. The A-word? Nope. The Q-word? Definitely not!

(Okay, I just threw that last one in there to see if anyone is still reading. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't an actual curse word starting with "q." And if there is, I don't want to know about it!)

If you remember from two paragraphs ago, I mentioned that I'd "probably" be okay with them calling the show "Shit My Dad Says." The reason I had to drop in that caveat is because, obscenity or not, the title really pigeonholes the entire show.

Given that they had to actually develop plots -- hopefully I'm not being presumptuous in believing that they did, in fact, develop plots -- to go with the pearls of entertaining wisdom coming from the old man, why not give the show a new title?

I mean, it's not like the show is a Twitter feed, comprised solely of sayings which are 140 or less characters in length.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd speak my mind about this a bit. Now I need to go tweet my rant.

(No, CBS, my Twitter feed is NOT for sale.)

Editor's note: This dude hasn't updated his Twitter account in months. (Yet somehow he has at least one new follower added every day...) He's absolutely delusional if he thinks CBS is going to be calling.


  1. Neeb, awesome new "ducks". Thank you for enlightening me to the story behind Shit my Dad says. I do agree that the originality behind entertainment has become seriously lacking. I think that you also make a fine point behind the hope of a plot behind the wisdom of the father. I do believe that I will watch the first episode but I am not holding my breath. Again, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the blog

  2. go follow me on twitter...;P

  3. A few things:
    1. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm honored. ;-)
    2. Yeah, I tweet (and retweet...hee, hee, hee) so I'll make sure I follow you. Or maybe I already do. Not even sure since I obviously don't tweet often. And yes, I think it's stupid that "tweet" has become a verb used for humans.)
    3. I have no desire to watch SHIT My Dad Says, but did want to write SHIT in all caps...because I can.
    4. Have a great weekend, Duckie. (reminiscent of "Pretty in Pink", which really makes me smile)

  4. I kind of agree with you, but I was early to the $^%&* My Dad Days tweets and dang if they weren't well crafted and very funny. I assumed it was a sham, but loved the character (who, in my mind, was not the least bit Shatner-like).

  5. I agree with SG. The tweets are funny. I did not watch the show. I heard a clip on NPR and decided to opt out. I get they want the shock value of having shit in the title with out actually having it in the title. But like Cee-Lo Green's song, "F^@% You" was changed to "Forget You." They could have modified the twitter fee a touch no?

  6. It is amazing what passes for entertainment these days. The intelligence level of people is certainly declining, IMHO.

    I just can't imagine how someone could base an entire TV program off of one liners. I guess we just have to wait and see how creative the writers are. I doubt I'll be watching though.


  7. Somehow, I'd missed this hilarious post. First of all, thank you so much for the mention! Very, very kind of you, kind sir.
    I was already laughing by the end of your disclaimer's you had some good momentum going there....and I totally agree with every. single. thing. you. said.
    Except that I was all ready to scroll on up and find the link to your twitter feed to follow you there...
    Imagine my discover that you don't TWEET? (I'll forever think of Tweety-bird and your lovely missus when I hear the word re-tweet)
    As for Shit My Dad Says? I have no desire to watch it. It'll be a "hit" simply due to it's prized time slot...which means absolutely nothing about the quality of said show.


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