Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts, Volume 1

In 1993, I lived next door to a kid who was adamant about the fact he was going to be the third member of the hip-hop duo -- soon to be trio (evidently) -- Kriss Kross. I wonder how that is working out for him now. I envision the following scenario:

"Why don't you leave us alone? Yeah, we were a hip-hop act in the early-nineties, but now we just man this taco stand."

"But I'm in the band! I still know all the words to 'Jump!' My clothes are on backwards!"

"Fine... Now start filling those shells with meat."

I read a headline that said something about People magazine's 2010 "Sexiest Man Alive" was a surprise pick. The guy who "won" -- and it feels very wrong to use that particular term -- the "award" -- see my previous comment (it applies here, too) -- is Ryan Reynolds. I have no qualms about him winning this. As a comfortably straight male, I can say that Mr. Reynolds is an attractive dude. So what's my issue? How on earth is he a "surprise" pick? If they had chosen Dr. Stephen Hawking -- surprise. If they had picked some goat farmer from Montana -- surprise. Choosing a good-looking, successful actor? Zero surprise.

I would love to take a nap right now.

The other day it was commented -- in response to my "reinventing Michigan" post -- that a world exists outside the borders of the Mitten State. I don't believe it. Okay, I do believe it and am planning on writing a post regarding international politics. So keep your eyes open for that! (Note: It might entail renaming this planet... but you probably wouldn't expect anything less.)

This is a blog. Obviously, a major component entailed with that fact is that there are no rules. If I wanted to post a single letter or number every day, I could certainly do so. There is no one to stop me. (Mwahahaha) I mean, my readership would obviously go down, but I could do that.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that I am unsure how many random thoughts I actually "need" to write. Are a couple of thoughts good enough? Do people expect more? What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I don't know the answers to these -- and other -- questions. As such, I'm going to take a nap.

("Wait, uh, doesn't he do most of this from his desk at work?")



  1. Stringing together random thoughts and making it all seem to fit while your readers choke on their lunches with laughter-- yep! Done and done.

  2. I don't think there is a universally accepted minimum for random thoughts to fill a blog. On Facebook, you don't even need a complete one. Twitter even less. Hell if you're Kanye you can more than get away with one letter or number per Tweet. In fact I'm pretty sure he tried that a few days ago.

    I do think though, your internal battery pack would drain beyond repair if that steady stream shut down for longer than an hour. Keep it going, I don't want the stress of hearing a news story about a cubicle dweller with a dead battery pack being rushed to Fiesta General's ICU in serious condition.

  3. Fun random post!
    I personally would have picked a very unsurprising sexiest man alive, like Daniel Craig. My girly two cents.

  4. i think you picked an excellent number of random thoughts, as you left me wanting more.

  5. do I sense a bitterness and disappointment that you weren't chosen THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE 2010 yourself? :)

    And Kriss Kross, oh, Lord, I'm glad I forgot that music (and fashion) atrocity.

  6. Hmmmm Kriss Kross should have teamed up with Milli-Vanilli into a sort of hip-hop boy band supergroup. It would have been epic.

    I probably would have been up for sexiest man of the year, but I'm only sexy after midnight and then it goes away at dawn. I think they only consider full-time sexy. I'm cool with Ryan Reynolds, though. He's the Green Lantern, you know.

  7. Ha! "Now, start filling those shells with meat." HA! You need to realize that you were chosen to be the "VP of the Sexiest Man Alive". You know, in case he can't perform his, you're still in the mix, Mr. Mitten-Man.


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