Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I've Been Thinking...

Obviously, I don't post every day. Sometimes it goes longer than a week for me to update this blog. Case in point, right now. My last post was about a week and a half ago. (And -- I hate to say this -- it wasn't even that good a post by my standards. Sorry about that!)

That being said, I log into Blogger pretty much every day. Whether I comment or not -- mostly not -- I'll check out the blogs I follow and see what is going on. Also -- and I didn't realize I even do this until the other day -- I apparently notice how many followers I have.

I've mentioned this earlier, but once upon a time I was quite concerned with how many followers this blog had. Somewhere along the line, I became wise (or at least, kind of wise). I realized that it didn't really matter. People are either going to read and/or follow, or not. There isn't much I can do about it one way or the other. All I can do is write and see what comes of it. Whoever is going to read or follow will do so as long as I provide reason to keep coming back. So that's what I try to do.

Even though I don't particularly care for any metrics, I do take note.

Why am I mentioning all of this? I lost a follower. I went from 74 to 73 and it got me thinking that it is time to raise the bar here. I need to make some changes and up the content of this little blog. Now, I'm not going to do so to try and draw in new followers -- not that I'm about to discourage people from following either -- but, rather, I'm doing this for you: The loyal and faithful Duck readers.

Well, this all got me thinking -- what could I do to make improvements? My immediate thought was "More Justin Beiber!" Okay, that's a good start. I will definitely have to get my J-Beib groove back. But there has to be more than that, right? (Right.)

I was thinking that it might be good to put up a little section over there on the right for "Best of the Ducks." With regard to this, I'd like some reader feedback -- please leave in the Comments section -- about what posts you guys might have liked. Off the top of my head
this and this were pretty good. This wasn't bad, too.

Alright, so we have a "best of" section and "more Beiber" as the current ideas. Regularly-scheduled posting was another thought I had, but I ran into a wall -- not literally -- with that one because I don't do this for money. As previously mentioned, I have Google AdSense but am not earning anything from that (which is fine with me because my motivation for blogging is that I simply like doing it...). But I have other avenues that allow me to write and earn money. Sometimes, those take precedent over my little blog.

Additionally, I write fiction that I intend to submit to contests or for publication. That takes up writing time, too.

Perhaps one solid article a week would be feasible. It seems like I could probably make it work if I devoted myself to one regularly scheduled column a week and then had the liberty of posting other ones when I had time or ideas. I think that just might work...

So now I'm trying to steer this ship in a new direction. (Don't worry, the ship itself is not changing! Plenty of rambling and goofy musings will be found along the course, I promise.)

("New direction? You mean to imply there was direction before?" they all say.) ("Thank you," I say in response.) (They all scratch their heads.) (Fin)


  1. regular posting is a good idea. Even once a week I think is enough.

    You could to scheduled post too if you wanted. I do them when i get really busy. and no one ever says they have to be long posts. They could be something funny from news, a wacky site you came across, or a conversation you had recently. whatever you do though keep it yours :)
    Good luck with all your writing!

  2. I'm not sure my cynical nature could withstand the hillarity more than once a week anyways :)

    But I get where you're coming from; I try to do my infamous Monday post on - of all days, Monday - and after that I hope to have something interesting to say at least one other time during the week.

    You could tell us how the freelance thingy is going. Or what happened to the Taliban Monkeys . . or whatever else. (I liked all three posts, but I'm pretty sure I'm partial to the Rhinos post just below this. That's kinda hard to top.)

    I will enjoy seeing you around more.


  3. I reckon more pics of your body (which tabloids like to steal and stick celebrity faces on it using PhotoShop) would bring you a lot of new followers among the ladies.


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