Monday, January 24, 2011

Follow Up

Note: This actually might be the first of multiple posts today. (I have several non-connected thoughts that I want to write about, but we'll have to see how the day progresses.) (Also, I want in on Alex Cavanaugh's "Top-Ten Songs Blogfest... Link found here.)

I just wanted to start the day off by following up to my most-recent post and say that the National Weather Service was completely inaccurate with their Winter Weather Advisory, which expired Friday at 5 p.m.

Regretfully, I have to report that we are still experiencing "winter weather." It's cold, snowing (actually, the flurries we have right now are more substantial than anything we had during that wildly inaccurate advisory...) and beach-going is not advised. (Well, unless you are wearing a parka and staying out of the water. If that's the case, I suppose you're good to go. Have fun!)

Anyhow, I felt it was within my journalistic responsibility to let you know about this. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Well. Its too freakin' cold here. It was -10 this morning and I'm just grateful my car starts.

    Aw, man....this is the part where I say that I wish I were a snowbird. I'll even rock the blue hair...


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