Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre-First Post (of the Year)

So I was thinking that, with a new year upon us, the first Ducks post of the year should be epic.

(Note: The word "epic" is one that was included in Lake Superior State's list of banished words for 2011.)

(Post-note note: I decided to use the word anyhow. I’m just a rebel like that.)

Now, I'll need some time to prepare a post of “epic” magnitude, but I didn't want to leave the billions of Ducks readers hanging in the interim. As such, you are cordially invited to read this here Pre-First Post of the Year.

You are all cordially welcome. (Here’s to making “cordially” one of the banished words for ’12!)

So how are we going to kick this off? Perhaps there should be balloons and clowns and confetti. (Because balloons pop, clowns are creepy and confetti is a disaster to clean? That doesn't sound like a good plan at all... )

Okay, no clowns or confetti, but we aren’t ruling out balloons just yet. (How can anyone possibly have “epic” without balloons?) (Don’t answer that.)

Maybe we should throw a raging kegger to ring in the New Year here on the blog? (The hundreds of millions of frat-boy Ducks readers are probably now chanting "Keg-ger, keg-ger, keg-ger, to-ga, keg-ger...")

We could hire a band! No, not a band... Justin Beiber!! (The hundreds of millions of teenage girl Ducks readers are now swooning in unison.) (*swoon, swoon*)

Early word on the street is that President Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Ralph Nader (I'm covering all bases...) are planning a civil discourse -- much better than a criminal discourse -- on the direction of American Politics in the 2010's for that initial Ducks post of 2011.

So let’s check the list for that first post of the year: Balloons, Kegs, Beiber, Obama, Rush and Nadar. How's that for epic? (Take that, Lake Superior State University!)

Yep, that first post of the year is going to be grand.

"Um, isn't this the first post of the year?" says a quiet voice from the back of the classroom.


Programming note: Come back next time as the Ducks guy rolls out his 2011 resolutions. Also, keep your eyes open for “Letters to the Ducks Guy.”

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  1. I understand them wanting to rule out "I'm Just Saying" and the over use of "The American People," but Google as a verb too? What do they want me to be fair and balanced and throw "Bing It" in every once and a while? It could be worse...I could say "Let me go hit the interwebs!"

    Oh and a virtual Kegger with the Beib MUST have balloons!


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