Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer Must Be Right Around the Corner

I'm a Northerner. An overwhelming majority of my life has been spent in either Wisconsin or Michigan. And an overwhelming majority of my life has had the frustration of one particular designation courtesy of the National Weather Service. (Surely, you must have seen this coming from me...)

("No, no we haven't. And please don't call us 'Shirley.'")

When there is a Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Watch or Blizzard Warning, etc., I have no qualms. I might not want to experience the weather the NWS is reporting/predicting at the moment, but I understand that weather happens. That's just the way it works.

(Note: T-storms are the worst for me. I used to love, love, love thunderstorms... but then I became a dog owner. My little girl dog -- as I like to call the 80 lbs. Tweak Dog -- hates, hates, hates thunderstorms. This drives me nuts. She doesn't understand that we live indoors and are fully protected from the elements. I don't get why this concept is still so foreign to her, as she's always had a roof over her head. I try to explain this to her, but I'm quite sure that she speaks Russian or Korean or something...)

(Another note: As noted, sometimes I don't want to experience the weather -- like a blizzard when I need to drive or severe downpour when I need to be outside -- but I actually do enjoy a good storm -- dog issues aside. I have no idea why, but I think storms are cool.)

Anyhow, my county is one that is under a specific designation from now until tomorrow at 5 p.m. and it really annoys me...

We are under a "Winter Weather Advisory."

I think that is the stupidest thing. (Or at least in the top-10 of stupid things. Hating other people has to top the "stupid things" list.) It's the middle of January and we live in the northern U.S. and they are advising us that we might experience winter weather. If they are going to say "Snow Storm Warning" or "Blizzard Warning," fine. No problems on my end with such designations. But letting us know that we should expect winter weather seems a bit unnecessary.

On a positive note, after 5 p.m. tomorrow we can apparently expect summer weather! So that's good. Guess I'll start unpacking my swim trunks and plan on taking a "sick day" on Monday to go to the beach...


  1. I'm in Wisconsin and under the same "alert". I thought the same thing. Are you a Packer's fan?

  2. Heidi, my blood runs green and gold! Go Pack Go!!

    (Two years ago I was able to knock a "bucket list" item off by actually watching a game at Lambeau Field. I don't know what the actually temperature was, but I'm still thawing out from it...)


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