Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Life Rewritten blog contest

The other day I had posted about a blog contest at One Significant Moment at a Time. Well, today I'd like to share about another one for a blog I enjoy following. Noelle Nolan is having a "150 follower" contest over at A Life Rewritten. Once her follower count hits 150, she will hold a drawing for an Amazon gift card. You can find the details of Noelle's contest here.

As I had mentioned, I like reading the posts at A Life Rewritten and would not endorse a blog I don't follow myself. Noelle is a professional writer and published author. She is currently (as of this posting...) in the process of updating her blog, which reminds me... If anyone who reads this knows anything about XML scripting, she could use a hand.

At some point later today, I'd like to do another post. I've got some ideas and thoughts, but just wanted to get this announcement out there before I became distracted and forgot (as I'm prone to do...).

More ducks to come...


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for leaving your URL. When I click your pic, your blog link doesn't come up. But it is there on your profile page. My bad for not clicking your name from my comments box :P I'm glad to be following you now!

    Thanks for promoting my contest, twice! I hope you win!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hmmmmmm. I'll have to look into the whole "link not coming up when pic is clicked" issue and see if I can fix it. Thanks for letting me know!

    And thank you for the follow!


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