Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogging, etc.

I just left this comment over at the Steph in the City blog (link found here), but thought I'd post it at Ducks, too, since it's completely relevant to recent thoughts (also so I can spell check it and see if I left any embarrassing errors over there...):

"Once upon a time, I started blogging in the errant thought that I might be able to make some money doing it. I didn't know any better. All I knew is that my ultimate goal is to make enough money from writing in any context I can to get away from the day job. So I can't fault anyone else for trying to do the same (make money blogging).

What I've come to realize, though, is that it's not working like that for me. But that's fine. I love writing and will continue to do so. If anyone reads my blogs, that's great. I'll keep reading other blogs myself, and comment if I have something to say. But I'm not going to leave comments in a misguided attempt to draw followers or anything like that. Once upon a time, perhaps, but not now.

I'm just going to write and let nature take its course.

I wish the best of luck (especially today -> St. Pat's Day!), though, to all the "mommy blogs" (a genre of which I can never be a part) out there. "

I guess my comments also echo, in a roundabout way, the topic du jour over at Speaking from the Crib.

SFTC talks about the time constraints entailed with reading and commenting on so many different blogs. It's very apropos with the issue at hand over at Steph's blog. See, all those "mommy bloggers" who are trying to build their respective blogging brands have to cultivate their own respective follower tribes. The way to do so is to read, comment, and participate with other blogs. That might not sound like a lot, but it is actually a rather time consuming process.

Admittedly, I've spent too much time (and I posted on this recently) worrying about how many page views I have and who is reading and how could I get more followers. It really detracted me from my basic goal: to write.

So I'm done fretting about such matters and this will increase the frequency of my posting. I've got a feeling that it will make me more productive and, hopefully, that can only be a good thing!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, gentle readers!! Don't forget to drink some green beer today! (But not right now if you are at your place of employment... unless your place of employment is cool with that... if so, let me know if they are hiring...)

p.s. With it being a holiday and all, there might be a special second post later (if I have time). I still need to wrap up some thoughts from my previous post and they do tie in nicely with this one...

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