Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tired little ducks

I was going to write a new post tonight, but now I am absolutely exhausted and afraid I will not be able to give it everything I got... Before I realized that I wouldn't be posting tonight, though, I thought about writing on how it can be a good thing to commit yourself to a particular endeavor -- "Tonight I'm going to take out the trash." or "On the fifth I will cook a lavish dinner" or "Tomorrow I'm going to shave the dog and cat so they stop shedding all over the place and creating a need to constantly vacuum and use those roller-things on our clothes, the ones where a single sheet is already full of hair by the time you've barely touched your clothes." (hypothetically speaking, of course...)

But writing is a bit different from those other tasks. There is a sense of creativity and entertainment that should be conveyed. Sometimes it's difficult to just conjure those elements out of thin air. And sometimes it's difficult to conjure rabbits from hats, but sometimes it isn't all that difficult and you totally freak yourself out... or maybe that's just me.

Writing takes a certain degree of mental prowess. Actually, it takes a large degree, since the physical aspect to the craft really isn't all that consuming. I mean, I was thinking about starting my own workout program based on writing (hey, if they have workout programs for karate and dancing and even stripping, why not writing?), but then I realized I would require my clients to type non-stop, around the clock just to lose a fraction of an ounce (oh, that's "why not writing"...).

Anyhow, I'm trying to say that this stuff isn't always easy. Sure, it's not physically taxing, but trying to be creative when the only thing you want to do is drift off into a dream world where you're driving through the hallways of high school in a bright red 1989 Lamborghini while all the students are standing in awe and you're just trying to get to the cafeteria in time to grab a slice a pizza, but you can't remember the combination to your locker and...

Eh, it's clearly time for bed.

Sorry for the non-post!!

Oh, before I go I need to give a quick shout out to a contest one of my fellow blogger is currently running. Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time is having a contest for almost reaching 100 followers (she's at 99 and needs just one more...). On March 15th, she will draw a winner from the eligible entrants (see her blog for details) and that person will receive a signed copy of an anthology in which she was published and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. So stop by her blog (click the link in previous set of parentheses...) and be sure to enter the contest!!

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  1. "Brain tumor. He's mostly fine! He just has a limp and doesn't have fine motor control on his left side, so he can't use his left hand as well.
    And he was probably going to be the smartest out of all five of us... And now he's just average. It's sad."
    I wrote that on my comments, but just in case you don't look back!


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