Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ducks approval!

No long rambling in this post... I promise!! (or your money back)

I'd imagine I'm a typically blogger in the sense that I check out my followers' pages and then will check out some of their followers' pages. I might follow those bloggers, if I like what I read. Also, it often leads me to other blogs, in turn, and the cycle continues. Anyhow, my reason for mentioning this is that I stumbled across something I wanted to share with you guys.

Yesterday I had included a link to The Write Words regarding how writers ought to use Twitter. Well, today I found another useful "Twitter use" post. Tiana Lei's blog (Spilled Ink) is the source of some wonderful information. Please feel free to check it out here.

After doing some thorough research, Tiana's blog has been issued the prestigious Ducks Out Of A Row Approved stamp! I'd recommend following her, but won't feel offended if you politely disagree and choose not to...

Speaking of the highly-coveted Ducks approval stamp, all of my followers (to date) with blogs are granted the same stamp. I follow each of their blogs and have recently started thinking about putting together a series wherein I "spotlight" them individually.

That will also give me the opportunity to give a shout out to bloggers who I follow, but they don't necessarily follow me (Steph in the City is one that comes to mind, even though Steph has made an appearance here at The Ducks before...). Some of them have a ton of followers and probably can't follow everyone back based on the sheer volume of blogs that would entail keeping up with...

Anyhow, be sure to keep on the look-out for that spotlight series!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, and the stamp of approval :) I checked out your other blog, but it seems like you want to use this one more, so I'll follow this one.

    I do sympathize with the latest post on your writing blog though--I went through a cycle like that too, where I was worried about followers and traffic to my site. I had to remember why I started a blog in the first place, and now I post less frequently since it takes so much time and I want to focus on my writing.

    So are you on Twitter then? What's your handle name?

  2. Thanks for the follow, Tiana! My Twitter handle is jm_neeb, but if you stop by my other blog real quick, I think you can click on the Twitter widget and it will work automatically... I hope!

    If you find it easier to just do it the other way, though, that is certainly quite alright, too. :)


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