Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ducks all over the place!!

Let the randomness commence...

Last time I posted, I was planning on an unplanned journey, but then it turned out I didn't veer to far from the same road. Today, however, all bets are off. Experience some firsthand randomness from one of the most random dudes on this earth.

I'm currently listening to the Jaydiohead experience. If you aren't in the know, it's Jay-Z songs (a capella) over Radiohead music. Two steadfast icons from completely different genres, but it works. If Jay-Z is peanuts, Radiohead is the grapes. Merged together, they become something greater than their already amazing, versatile individual selves. [
Official Jaydiohead site.] [Wikipedia Jaydiohead page.]

That disc got me thinking about how Radiohead should be due for a new album pretty soon. In Rainbows was brilliant and I can't wait to see how they follow it up. So I googled Radiohead to see what's up. Admittedly, being a Radiohead fan, I'm ashamed to say that I had never been to their website. I can't make that claim anymore and what I found over there is rather interesting. The guys from the band make periodic posts and they make for great reading.

NOTE: If you're an open-minded conservative, you'll probably realize it's just their opinions and stuff, but if you're a close-minded conservative it's probably best to skip this one. Either way, the link is found here.

I suppose I haven't addressed this yet, but I'm neither "liberal," nor "conservative." I have my own views on things and consider myself to be a true independent. But this is not a political forum for me and I don't ever intend it to be. There are decent people of all races, religions, political affiliations, etc. And there are not-so-decent people of all those factors, as well. I just try to live a good life and treat people how I would like to be treated. Do I do so perfectly? Nope, but that is what I aspire to...

There was an ad for caviar on my Gmail today. Now, I don't know how they figure who to target with specific Gmail ads, but they were really knocking on the wrong door with that one. Perhaps they should use their tracking methods and find someone who wrote "I just don't have the foggiest idea of what to do with all these millions of Euros I have sitting around." (I made him, or her, British, since I had used the word "foggiest" and who really says that in America? Well, besides this guy....)

To be honest, even if I had the dough to blow, I don't know where I'd go to find caviar. (Yes, all those clustered "oh" sounds were intentional... I'm a poet at heart.) I'm going to beg some patience of you while I try something real quick... If I had the loot to boot, shoot if I'd know where to scoot to find caviar. Eh, let's stick with the first set. Print it!

So I'm trying to figure out what to do with my Twitter account. I don't use it very often just yet, but am planning to change that. Let's just be honest for a second, I'm always "planning" stuff. Yeah, I tend to get a little caught up when it comes to "follow through," though. Without doing any fact-checking, I believe my very last post mentioned that I need to work on working on stuff. I'll get it together, though!

Anyway, Twitter... I make random posts every once in a while. Sometimes I try to be clever. Sometimes it's deep and profound (like the time I tweeted about how tripped out I was over the fact there is a Grey's Anatomy Wii game...). And sometimes I use it to pimp my blog. I follow a lot of people, mostly because I'm interested in listening/reading what's going on out there. I am, if nothing else, a man of the streets! I'm currently thinking about starting fresh and going the Conan O'Brien route (you know, having over half a million people follow me and only following one person myself...).

Moment of truth: I am not planning on going Conan O'Brien on all my Tweeples like that.

Well, I wasn't sure what to do, but then Lindsey at
The Write Words posted her Tuesday Tips and the first link is going to help me immensely. So I need to give a shout out to her blog. As of this posting, she's not a follower here, but if anyone else checks in with her, you can let Lindsey know that she got a "shout out" from a man of the streets (serious street cred right there... so gangsta). You can find the post here. Check it out and learn some new tips!

That's all I got for today, gentle readers. Until next time, be excellent to each other!

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