Thursday, February 17, 2011

Total Partial Cop Out

Alright peeps, it's like this...

So yesterday we had the great Bernard Pivot blogfest hosted by Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time. It was a tremendous amount of fun for all parties involved and I want to publicly thank her for putting it together. (Thanks, Nicole!)

Yesterday I also had some really BAD Taco Bell. We are talking "food poisoning" levels of badness. I'll spare you the details, but I just want it to be known that I'm not bringing my A-game today... and I feel awful about that. Here I have a bunch of new followers -- Hi, new followers!! Welcome to the Ducks! -- and I am struggling to roll out some fantastic new content…

I have body aches, am freezing half-to-death (although, it's always extremely cold in this part of the office...) and did not have a single twenty minute stretch of actual sleep last night. (I feel bad for my wife, because I probably set a new world record for "times tossing around in bed by a single entrant.")

(Note to self: Contact Guinness World Records.)

(Note to Guinness World Records: It IS a totally legit record and I swear that I will stalk you until you put me in your record book.)

Okay, I know that I was going to spare details, but I can't remember the last time I threw up from non-drinking purposes. Not that I drink to that level of inebriation anymore... Mostly I'm thinking back to college days. Except the night of my Grandma's funeral, when I might have had "a few too many." But that was just unhealthy coping on my behalf.

(She was quite awesome and I miss her.)

Anyhow, this post is clearly not up to par. Now, being the world's greatest problem-solver that I am (You taking notes, Guinness people?), I thought that today might be a nice chance to put together a sampling of "The Best of the Ducks." (Not sure if that is world record-worthy or not, but we should probably assume that it is.)

Without further ado...

My take on bully holidays:

Ducks Out Of A Row resolutions:

One of the few times I get political:

How to incorporate Bill Cosby, Jerry Maguire, Outkast, Jersey Shore, and Bill Gates into a single post:

Sometimes I get awards:

Sometimes I host Justin Beiber contests (well, not quite...):

And, just because I can, this post (the very one you are reading right now):


  1. Hoping you feel a bit better now. Be back tomorrow to check out some of those posts of yours.

  2. Stick around newbies, once the ebolla has worked its magic, the Ducks will dazzle you and spark spontaneous bursts of laughter thus blowing your "I'm hard at work" cover.

  3. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear about your bad Taco Bell experience. That sounds... epic.

  4. Oh man! Bad Taco Bell seems like the wost affliction one could ever come down with. Hope you are on the mend!

    My husband recently got sick after eating something that did not agree with him, and all he kept saying was how his no puke record had been all honesty it HAD been years since he threw up. Funny how people tend to remember such occasions!


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