Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Put My Face on the Milk Cartons Just Yet!!


Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to post this week. It's been a rather long one and I just haven't been myself...

I was planning on something special for this past Monday -- would have been my mom's 55th birthday -- but I wanted it to be a tribute of sorts and couldn't get it quite right (read as "exceptional, because she deserves nothing less").

(A little backstory: My mom was a cancer victim. It's been over ten years now, but I still tear up a lot when I think about it, like right now. She was awesome and I miss her.)

So that's what I was going to do. But this evil week had other plans. It managed to suck away all my time and positive emotions and left me as only a sliver of the writer I usually am. I've been a bundle of anger and frustration and depression... and I am not about to pass those along to anyone who happens to read my little blog. (I firmly believe that negative emotions are contagious viruses.)

The massive time suck resulted in a lack of posts more than anything emotional, though. It's just been an insanely busy week. That probably compounded the stress and fatigue I've been feeling...

Fortunately, this week is over and maybe I can recharge a bit this weekend. I'll be back next week.

I hope you have a terrific weekend!!


  1. Rest up, buddy. We'll be here when you get back ;) P.S. Cancer sucks.

  2. Sending a prayer for your missed mom and a hug for you.

  3. Hope your weekend is so phenomenal it makes this weeks memories distant and suspiciously vague.

  4. Boo for bad weeks >:( This is my angry face at the bad week

    Hope your weekend is restful and rechargeful :)

  5. We all understand. Take your time. We'll be here when you get back.

  6. I'm so sorry. ((hugs)) I hope your weekend is cheering you up.

    I'm new here. *waves* Nice to meet you.


  7. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, guys!! :) My week is off to a better start -- yesterday was my b-day and all the love I received certainly helps -- and I'll be getting back at it!

    Lola - Welcome aboard. *waves back* Always nice to see new faces round here. :)

  8. I'm so sorry...and I totally understand wanting to get the post for your mom just right.

    I lost my mom ten years ago to cancer, I'm there.

    Take your and take care of things. You KNOW we're not going anywhere, right??

  9. Kathryn - Cancer is a bitch. (I know that I generally like to keep things light and humorous, but that's really all I can say about it.)

    p.s. Actually, I was a little worried about people forgetting about the Ducks. (But not anymore!!)

  10. Awww. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost mine to cancer too--you never truly get "over" it, do you. Keep blogging--it's therapeutic!

  11. Heidi - Welcome aboard! I shall keep blogging... and hopefully you do, too! (I stopped by your blog and rather enjoyed.)

    p.s. Even though I currently reside in the 2nd Happiest City in the U.S., I'm a Wisconsinite at heart.

    (Born and raised in Milwaukee, and surrounding areas.)

    (Well, I wasn't born in "surrounding areas." I only had one birth at one place -- believe it or not -- and it was in The Great City on a Great Lake.)

    (Unfortunately, that's not Milwaukee's slogan anymore, but changing it was a huge mistake and I'll always stick by the old one.)

  12. Ugh. I rather enjoyed "it." Stupid, word-eating computer...


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