Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Even-More-Award-Winning Ducks

I meant to write about this Monday, but got distracted (as you are probably well-aware that I'm prone to do). As the weekend was winding down, I took some time on Sunday night -- after watching True Blood (yes, I'm hooked on that show...) -- to check out the blogs I follow and see what was new since Thursday.

(I generally keep away from the Internet during the weekends, and all day last Friday was a sabbatical of sorts for me.)

Imagine my delight -- Seriously, imagine it. I'll wait. -- when I saw that two of my fellow bloggers decided to bestow awards upon my little blog!

Anne, over at
Piedmont Writer, has given Ducks the following award:

She presented this to a handful of us who are "newer" to this blogging universe. (Thank you, Anne!!)

Lindsey, over at
The Write Words, gave Ducks the following award:

Lindsey apparently likes the humor over here and that means a lot to me. (Thank you, Lindsey!!)

So that gives the Ducks a total of three awards presented by fellow bloggers! I'm not going to lie, that makes me feel good. It's always nice when someone appreciates something you're doing... especially out here in Web 2.0. I mean, there isn't a lot (read as "any") financial gain, so blogging really becomes centered on connecting with readers and trying to make them smile or learn about something new.

Generally-speaking, my intent with this blog is to provide humorous content. I figure that you guys recognize my lack of seriousness when I touch base on topics such as
Justin Bieber being pregnant or the timeless measure of the greatness of sliced bread.

I think of this blog as like having a column, which is something that has always appealed to me. Well, maybe not "always*." When I was three years old, the thought of having a column did not interest me nearly as much as bright colors, shiny objects and toys.

*Check out Missed Periods
fantastic post on the use of absolutes. (Her blog is always brilliant.)

But having a column has appealed to me since I was in my early teens and started reading Dave Berry's syndicated column. Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly and's The Sports Guy are two others who I have admired/envied through the years. (I wonder how often admiration and envy could be paired together.)

So now Duck Out Of A Row is kind of like my own little column. Sure, it's not appearing in any newspapers or magazines, but that's okay with me. I'm having fun writing and hopefully you're having fun reading.

Awards note: I think I'm going to hold onto the awards I receive and hand them back out in an annual "event." I know that sometimes they are expected to be passed on to multiple bloggers, but I'm going to do one blog per award. (That's just how I roll.)

Some random thoughts:

The-Dream and Christina Milian have apparently broken up. I didn't even know they were together. Heck, I don't even know who The-Dream is, or, more importantly, why he opts for the hyphen. (Seems unnecessary to me, but what do I know?)

I'm not sure if Christina Milian is a singer or actress, but you just have to know she's famous if she is -- or "was," as the case apparently is -- with someone who calls himself "The-Dream." I mean, that just doesn't happen in real life. Can you imagine being at the doctor's office when the following happens:

Nurse Stevens walks through the door and into the waiting room. "Is Jason Reynolds here? Mr. Reynolds? No?" To herself, she says "Okay, Jason Reynolds must have bolted or been taken away by the appropriate authorities," while crossing off a name on her clipboard. Then Nurse Stevens looks back up and announces "The-Dream? Is The-Dream present?"

"Yo, The-Dream's here. That's me."

"Alright, The-Doctor will see you now about that rash."

Or how about this:

"The-Dream, when you take out the trash, remember to close the lids tight. We had raccoons going through there and... Oh, no. No, you DID NOT just roll your eyes at me! Listen here, The-Dream, you keep giving me attitude like that and you'll be sleeping on The-Couch!"

I really need to come up with my own name... one that starts with an article. "Why, hello there. I'm The Man. I keep people down." (Note: Obviously, I would not choose the “hyphenise” route, myself. But please don't misconstrue this as me judging The-Dream for doing so. Free country and all...)

(Another note: It's not often, or ever, that I say "Why, hello there." As such, I'm not sure why I wrote it like that. Could I delete it at this point? Yeah. Am I going to? No.)

Okay, maybe I don't need to come up with a name like that. I had almost forgotten that I'm not an arrogant d-bag, which people would probably think of me as being.

Unrelated to The-Dream... I just read that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are engaged and not having sex. Not sure why I needed to know that second part, but I'll store it away in case it's ever life-saving information... which it probably will be. (You have no idea what kind of life I lead.)


  1. congrats on the awards.
    Whenever I hear about that falling star Christina Millian I remember her song DIP IT LOW and somehow always have naughty associations about it :)) It's probably because of the video itself:

  2. Hey if kindergartners in Montana need to know sexual positions, you deserve to know not only if, but that in fact Levi and Bristol are NOT bumping uglies again. So much wrong with that statement and I'm only half apologizing for putting it on your space of the web. Congrats on the awards!

  3. Congratulations! Y'know, I've been wondering what my pen name should be. Perhaps I'll hyphenate something...

  4. Congratulations - I haven't seen those awards before!

  5. Congrats on your new awards! Now you need to get to work building that showcase with the bullet-proof glass.

    We'll call you "OH-DUCK"....'cause then whenever anyone calls your name, rooms full of people will gasp in surprise and....well, duck.

  6. Saved from a snort of laughter by a well-timed sneeze! Now my sinuses hate me, but my blog reading list is fatter and happier.

  7. Duuude! I just wrote this huge post about how that Palin/Levi info was going to save your life. And blogger ate it!

    Suffice it to say, a thief took your gossip instead of a wallet and had a massive stroke from the said information.

    Curse you Blogger!

  8. Thank you, all! :)

    Kathryn - That is better than what I was coming up with. (The-Duckster, Duck-O-Rama, Duck Meister, etc.)

    Yard Bard - Welcome to the Ducks! Hope you like it here. If not, hang in there, because it's only going to get better. (I keep telling myself that.)

    Lydia - No need to fret, Blogger kindly put it back up for you! By the way, I love the scenario. (Take that, Thief!) :)

  9. Congrats on the awards! I don't know who The Dream is either. Sounds kind of like a hip-hop artist, doesn't he???

    I think I may need a cool moniker like those hip-hop artists! Maybe, The Zigzagger, or The Zig, or perhaps, The Zag.

    I'm a work in progress, clearly. ;)

  10. I love your "The-Couch." Brilliant!

    And thank you for the compliment.


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