Monday, July 26, 2010

Skimming the Surfaces

The post that was actually intended for today will be put up tomorrow. Sorry about that peeps, but I'm taking this particular one rather seriously and want it to be "just right." In the meantime...

Got this from's The Sports Guy's most recent "mailbag" -- the dude gets mail from fans and then answers them (but this actually is part of a fan's email and not his response...) -- and thought I'd share with you:

"Dr. Drew has a theory about the impact of reality TV, and that it has created a generation of people who want to be famous, but don't want to put in the work to develop the skills or talent to be famous. Why study or practice or go to acting school or music school, etc., when you can just get on a reality show and be famous instantly?"

You know what I have to say to that? Amen, brother. We are picking up what you're laying down here at the Ducks.

Anyhow, I love the quote and felt it was share-worthy. (So I shared it.)

In other news, we have an oil pipe leak here in Michigan and it's making me sick. Well, I'm not sick from contact or anything like that, but we, as a human race, are being incredibly irresponsible.

Seriously, are we going to learn?

Now, I'm not the smartest man around -- heck, I'm probably not even the smartest person here at this blog -- but I think there are a couple of fundamental problems...

You know what, I have too many thoughts on both of these particular issues -- fame and oil -- and will have to revisit them at a later time. But not tomorrow! Tomorrow's post is altogether different.

Good night, the world!


  1. The Daily Show was making fun of the prayer day to stop the oil leak in the gulf (because they must make fun of everything) and saying how we think God has done enough here. He put the oil under the ocean, several miles underneath the ocean and put all these rocks over it, making it almost impossible to get to... almost.

    I'm in Alaska, we know what oil spills are all about. There's still a dark mark on the rock beaches in Prince William Sound from Exxon. We boat there.

  2. We feed the fame right back to the slags who can sleep their way onto a reality show. The fact that we have entire stations devoted to pushing the fame monster (ahem E!) proves that our society has no concept of how to correct itself. Maybe the leak was just on the wrong side of the country and was meant for The Hills.

  3. Fame and oil. Hmmmm. Those two don't usually go together. In fact, nowadays it's INFAMY and oil.

  4. Instead of jail time, or at least a public shaming, we give the Salahis their own show. I certainly don't respect the Snooki's of the world, but it's hard to blame them, either. They get offered something, and they take it. I'm way too private to think I'd enjoy the experience...

  5. Sorry Wendy, I think The Jersey Shore has proven that fame and oil DO go together ;P

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  6. So true, Beth. So true.

    I don't know if reality TV has created a generation of people who want to be famous without putting in the work or just provided the venue for it.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  7. LOVED that analogy on reality tv....definitely spot on, I think. I'll bet every actor who has worked his butt off to be really GOOD at his craft probably goes a little nuts every time some reality goof gets all the attention.


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