Friday, July 23, 2010

Keepin' It Short

I know that I can be, um, rather liberal with the definition of "quick," but today's post is actually going to be a quick one. (Just wanted to acknowledge that upfront.)

Semi-related note: So I was going to say that today's post will be "short," right? Well, I was just walking back from the fridge and it dawned on me that some days I feel taller than others. I'm not sure how/why that happens. I started thinking that my jeans are rather long and maybe that has something to do with me not feeling as tall today as I probably did yesterday.

Of course, I also have days where I'll think "Huh, I'm feeling kind of tall right now." The weird -- "weirder" (let's be honest...) -- part is that it's never in reference to being around other people. So I really don't know where that comes from.

(I'm a fairly average height and don't worry about size like some shorter dudes -- Skee Lo, I'm looking in your direction -- might.)

Whoa, that was rather random. Anyhow...

Today's post just isn't "all that." If you're looking for something better -- of the "mine" variety -- check out last Friday's post (if you haven't already).

If you're looking for something better -- of the "someone else, but I could totally see John writing this, too" variety -- check out Kathryn's take on procrastination and group therapy. (Simply a fantastic post. As noted in the comments, I gave it five stars... which is something I rarely do.)

If you're looking for something better -- of the "not even close to anything John would write" variety -- check out Missed Period's take on a lot of words used for the same thing. (Her writing is so much more focused than mine. Plus, she has a lot more to offer education-wise than I do. She has a fabulous way of mixing that in with her humor and it’s always brilliant.)

Monday's post is going to be rather significant. That's all I'm going to say about it for right now, though.

p.s. I'll reply to comments from the previous two posts this weekend. I promise!


  1. now why don't you just admit that you like wearing high heels when going to fridge to grab a beer? ;P

  2. This makes me think that guys must be about height like women are about weight. Since we can weigh the exact same but feel "fat" one day and feel "thin" another. Looking forward to Monday's post!

  3. So, what you're really saying is that you're trying to add to the list of blogs we're all already following?
    Hope you have a "tall" weekend. Oh, and hope I have a "skinny" one!

  4. Dez - Well, I've already given away my last shred of masculinity, so why not? (Uh, we got a kitten this weekend and I've been referring to her as "adorable," so my masculinity flew right out the window.

    Karen - Before you think that all guys would even feel like that, please consider the fact that I am, admittedly, quite weird! :)

    Jolene - Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares and From the Inside... Out are both DEFINITELY worth a follow. Seriously, they never fail to disappoint.

  5. Yeah, I just realized that I forgot to close my parentheses up there. I'll try better next time, folks!

  6. Thanks again for your kind words. Looking forward to your brilliant Monday post.

  7. M.P. - I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it! :)

    (p.s. Today's post will probably be posted later tonight, but definitely before Midnight EST. Might be earlier, too... I just don't know if this day is going to be as busy as I think it is.)

  8. Some days I feel fatter. Although that could be when I've eaten about a zillion sticks of licorice!

  9. I definitely feel taller on some days than on others. And it also, usually has nothing to do with other people. I've just never admitted it, because it's pretty weird. Now I know there are other people that feel the same! Ha!

  10. Just a random note from this highly esteemed bloggers possible wife..I read the "Procrastination Group" blog with the blogging editor of this site and laughed out loud quite a few times. Good job!! I believe that was Kathryn's blog. Excellent!


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