Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Constitutional Amendments

Here's the deal, peeps... I've composed three different posts today and wasn't able to come up with any of them I liked. As such, I'm not posting any of them. [Let it never be said that I am not a man of inaction! Or afraid to use the coveted "triple negative."]

Something is hanging like a chad in the back of my mind, though. [I am also not afraid to bust out a c. 2000 reference.]

In one of the posts which I managed to waste a lot of time (seriously) writing, I was reading what I had written and the thought struck me "what makes you think the readers will even care?"

Just because I'm writing something doesn't mean it should/will be read. I like to think that I'm writing for you guys, though.

To quote... well, myself from a different rejected post: "I can't speak on behalf of all writers, but my goal is to come up with entertaining and/or insightful content for your benefit. I hope that I can at least make people either laugh or think. In an ideal session, I accomplish both.

Sure, writing makes me feel like I'm actually doing what I am meant to and I receive a certain intrinsic reward from doing so, but I do it more for the readers, whoever they might be."

So how do I know if my readers are going to care about what I write, since the target audience is not me? That's an excellent question and I don't really know. [Note: I don't define that question as "excellent" just because I asked it.]

I suppose I'd like to think that if I keep it interesting and/or entertaining, it doesn't matter too much what subject I tackle... right?

Anyhow, it's kind of been an "off" day for me and I apologize for not providing something more Ducks-ish.

To make up for it, maybe I'll try to sneak one past the "schedule guards" and get a better one in tomorrow!

In the meantime, continue to be excellent to each other!

p.s. One hundred "reader points" go out to anyone who can tell me why I titled this post what I did. :)


  1. I think it's HARD to always be entertaining! Seriously! To think people are coming to READ what I have to say SCARES me.

    But Anyways...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

    And I feel like I should be able to give a reason as to WHY the post is called that, but ... I can't. *sigh*

  2. Rebecca - I will reveal why I chose this particular title... but am intrigued to see if anyone actually gets it first.

    No need to sigh, though, because it is rather obscure... (You'll see!)

  3. I was actually entertained by this post. So there!

  4. I totallllly get it.

    Such is our nature and I think we all have a touch of a Napoleon complex when it comes to deciding who our audience is.

    That being said - your humor is always right on mark - some of us (*cough* -MYSELF) could benefit from using a bit more...

    As for the title?? Changing the course or breaking a mold perhaps? Who says things HAVE to be the way we perceive them to be?

    100 points?

  5. I would say that if you care about what you write then your readers will care too.

  6. Thank you all! :)

    M.P. - Special thanks goes out to you for not chastising the triple negative! Although, you probably realize it was done with tongue firmly planted in check... ;)

  7. Im still waiting on my 100 points...:D

  8. Tara - Your 100 points will be deposited in your "valued reader account" when I feel like it and no sooner! ;P

  9. Sometimes, I debate for like, 20 minutes as to whether or not I should blog certain things. I'm like, nobody cares about this!! But then I remembered that I blog for ME, no matter how much I like people reading and commenting.

  10. Well I shall consider myself TOLD then...:P


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