Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Contest you NEED to at least check out...

I have a Wednesday confession... but first, in typical Ducks fashion, a digression!

After I typed the confession bit up there, something occurred to me. I don't actually have to confess anything. This is my blog. I make up the rules, as I'm prone to do, but the truth of the matter is, I don't need to confess to stuff. You guys wouldn't be any wiser if I didn't. But I truly value my readers. It means a lot to me that someone out there (I'm pointing in your general direction right now...) is taking time from his or her day to read my goofy musings. That's pretty awesome when you think about it. I appreciate you guys, so I'm willing to share. Enough with all this "feelings" stuff. Now I need to do something manly like build a house from nothing but sticks, mud and the sweat of my brow...

Time for that confession! Uh, after starting the above digression, I forgot what I had to say. If I remember, I'll interrupt the following to further digress!!

I actually had another post in mind for the day, and maybe I'll write a second post if I have a chance later (but I'm not making any promises!). If I don't, Garrison Kellor, consider yourself off the hook until Friday. You're welcome.

So you are all probably wondering "What could possibly have stolen his attention that he is switching gears on us?" or, more likely, "Why does he always make these assumptions about what we're thinking?"

To which I reply, "What makes you think I have any kind of attention span?" or, more likely, "Touché, gentle reader. Touché."

Anyhow (you had to know that was coming if you've been following for awhile...), there is a truly amazing contest going on at a different blog and I must tell the loyal Ducks readers about it... also, I get five extra entries in the drawing. [Hey, I'm all about full disclosure here!]

Over at Sara McClung's Babbling Flow, she has a Very Vampire May Giveway contest and the deadline to enter has been extended to June 7th, midnight Eastern Standard Time (to be specific...).

Now, I probably wouldn't mention anything -- even for five additional entries -- if the contest wasn't simply AMAZING (note the caps, in all their glory...). She isn't offering penny candy or a free slap to the face or the bubonic plague. Heck, she isn't even just offering free puppies -- everyone loves free puppies -- or shiny quarters. No, her prizes are incredible!

Check it -- SIGNED copies of some of the most popular vampire novels out there. Sara is GIVING AWAY books by: Anne Rice (The Vampire Armand), Christopher Moore (his vampire trilogy), Charlaine Harris (the first three in her Sookie Stackhouse series... all you True Blood fans should be quite familiar with these!) and Stephanie Harris (Twilight)! There is also a Bram Stoker's Dracula, unsigned, but still very cool!

There are five different packages, each featuring books by the respective authors. Please swing by
Sara's place for further details!!

If you enter her contest, and I hope you do... Good Luck!! If any Duck reader wins any of these great packages, be sure to come back, leave a comment and let us know!

Not related to the contest or those amazing prizes -- but still concerned with Sara McClung -- she actually has a second blog for her photography and I think the name is great. Since I love sharing "great" stuff with you guys, how clever is the name "Simply Saradise?"

[The question was rhetorical, but we will accept "super clever" as the correct answer.]

Be excellent to each other!


  1. LOL, thanks for this J.M. =) (Anyone who calls me super clever--well, or at least the title of the other blog--is immediately bumped up to one of my new favorite people!)

  2. You're welcome. As mentioned up there -- *points up to the top of his computer screen* -- your contest is awesome. The five winners will all be lucky peeps!

  3. J.M. She promised she'd give you points for referring! Good luck.

  4. Thanks, Dorn. I'm hoping to land the signed Sookie Stackhouse books (wife and I are fans of HBO's "True Blood"...), but any of them would be cool.


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