Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wait, it's not Mon., Wed. or Fri.!!

It dawned on me the other day, Wednesday -- which is ironic... you'll see -- that my thoughts are not limited to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (see?). Yet, those are the only days I'm committed to publishing new Ducks content? WTF, right? Am I supposed to turn off my brain on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend? Impossible, I say!!

You, the loyal Ducks readership, benefit today from my overanalyzing nature... Bonus post!!

Also, I'm waiting for site maintenance at this other place I write and have some down time. That helps, too.

Courtesy of the holiday weekend and my much-needed shout out to Sara McClung's Vampire contest yesterday, I've had to push some thoughts and issues out.

Today it is time to pay the piper, as all the cool kids are saying nowadays.

One though which had been backlogged comes from Memorial Day weekend. I was sitting out on the deck with my father, who was in town to visit, and watching the pond out back. There was a family of ducks and the mama duck was swimming along, row of little ducks trailing.

Typical Ducks Out Of A Row aside here: I wonder if I were to google "ducks" where my little blog... uh, I mean, widely-followed and critically-acclaimed blog (much better!) falls in the ranks. I think I mention the word enough, and in natural conversational manner, for the SEO to be rather high. I'll have to check that out some point. If any of you guys beat me to it, be sure to leave a comment and let everyone know!

Back to the ducks in the pond... I thought it was interesting that the patriarchal duck would nip at the little ones if they were starting to trail off on their own. He was keeping his ducks in a row!!

When the duck family was on land, the little ones kind of wandered all over, but never too far from their mother. I'm sure I haven't seen the last of the duck family and am thinking about getting a picture. (We all know by now that I'm super manly and stuff, but the little ducklings were adorable!) If so, I'd like to put it up there -- *points up to header* -- but I'll have to research how to do that. Admittedly, I'm not the most tech savvy dude out there.

Back to my digression (because I just thought about something): You know, I google "ducks out of a row" sometimes (sans quotation marks) and am always stunned to find out that my blog doesn't top the list. Heck, it's not even in the first couple of pages (I stopped looking out of frustration).

Do you want to know what is in place in front of the Ducks Out Of A Row blog? All sorts of pages talking about "ducks in a row." How whack is that!? [I am, if nothing else, totally on the pulse of what all the hip kids are saying!] If someone is legitimately searching for ducks out of, and not "in," a row, Google is kind of screwing him.

Usually, I'm fine with Google. I generally have a dislike for corporate America, but I respect them as a company. Their shine has now been tarnished in my eyes, though!

Maybe I'll start a worldwide Facebook (speaking of corporate dislike...) campaign to have Google bring the Ducks up in the appropriate search ranks!

Alright, who's with me?

[Silence, broken only by the sound of crickets chirping and tumbleweeds, well, tumbling}

Okay, let's do this!


  1. Google rankings are frustrating, I can only say that it takes a while. We're no where near where we'd like to be in search results, but have moved up over the years. Getting links from other duck-related sites can't hurt either. How many trillion pages are there out there now?

  2. You know, Straight Guy, it's not even that I necessarily want the blog to be found more easily (although, that would be nice...). It's just a matter of the fact that the EXACT wording is the title and it comes up frequently within my posts. But when someone googles the phrase "ducks out of a row" (minus quotes) specifically, they find a bunch of non-relevant sites.

    Oh well. I suppose I'll just keep writing and if someone is looking to find The Ducks, hopefully they will be able to do so! :)

    In the meantime, I value everyone who has been able to find this goofy little corner of the interwebs and keeps coming back to read.

  3. How bizarre. How many Ducks out of a row could there be really? So strange this google ranking business.

  4. That's the thing, Carolina, there aren't a lot of sites which even mention the exact phrase. As such, it would seem that the place which is actually called DooaR should at least be on the first page...

    But as long as new people find it (and they are!) and hopefully enjoy reading, that's what really matters.

    Welcome to the Ducks! :)


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