Friday, June 4, 2010

UGH!! (note the caps...)

So I had been working on my Friday post... crossed 950 words... continued multi-tasking, working on a couple different projects...

Any guesses what comes next?

A major prize goes out to anyone who goes with "accidently deleted post, but managed to keep draft of something else that will now need to be deleted."

The major prize? Knowledge that you are correct, which is more valuable than anything I would have provided. [I do this for free, folks!]

There is probably some clever way to retrieve the lost post, but I remember a lot of what I had to say and will just rewrite it -- that will be easier for me. And you know what, I'll rewrite it with a vengence! It will be bigger, shinier and more awesomer. It will also use less made-up words like "awesomer."

When life hand you lemons, you paint that sh1t gold. [In the name of full disclosure: That's the title of a hip-hop album and not a j. neeb original.]

Sorry about that, readers. Consider me ashamed... and frustrated, but more ashamed.

Garrison Keiller, consider yourself even luckier... but just for today. You are NOT off the hook!


  1. Alright, first, that's sucks and my empathy won't bring it back so I'll spare you it. Second, what's with the Garrison Keillor references? Wasn't he on the radio back in the day?

  2. Speaking of lemons, I just realized that they work "awesomely" to clean the bath tub.

  3. i remember as a reporter losing a story on deadline, absolutely FREAKING out and then banging on the keys and somehow it came out better, basically since i knew the material well enough the second time around to write in on memory without having to refer to my notes. however, it is a lesson i HATE to remember whenever i lose material. it does not make me feel good, until after i re-write it. even then.

  4. Dorn - He still might be on the radio, but he also writes a syndicated column. I've got a bunch of my post rewritten and will probably upload it later today, so you can see what the Keillor deal is...

    M.P. - Never underestimate the power of citrus!!

    Ed - To this point, I think I'm more pleased with the rewrite, but the wasted time/effort is a tad frustrating... The lesson I learned is to just be more careful when working on multiple projects at the same time!

    p.s. Welcome aboard! :)


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